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  • Aveleda Adega Velha - XO 12 ans Non millésime 50cl


Adega Velha - XO 12 ans

  • Box
  • Box of 6

Grape Variety

  • Vinhão
  • Borraçal
  • Azal Rouge
  • Espadeiro


  • in oak casks


Adega Velha is made from wine with a DOC (Denominação de Origem Controlada) status, original from the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region, a wine region famous for its minerality, acidity and balance, allowing the production of an unique brandy.

It all begins in the vineyards of the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region where red grapes are carefully selected for their acidity and low sugar levels in order to obtain a light, well-balanced wine. This wine, then, undergoes a double distillation process in an alembic Charentais brought from the Cognac region in France. After the distillation process, the brandy is slowly aged in oak casks from the Limousin Region, giving its magnificent amber colour and rich bouquet.


  • 92/100

    Falstaff Spirits Trophy Switzerland 2023


Appearance: Amber and clear in appearance.

Aroma: It presents a complex and harmonious bouquet, reminiscent of the aroma of berries and wildflowers.

Palate: Surrounded by a delicate sense of smell and hardwood aftertaste. Its origin in aromatic and fresh grapes with low alcohol content gives it the softness, velvety and complex aromas so appreciated.

Food pairing: Considered the best spirit from Portugal, is idea to serve as a digestive.

Service: Must be served at a temperature between 22 and 25°C.

Degree: 40%°
Aveleda Adega Velha - XO 12 ans Non millésime 50cl Aveleda Adega Velha - XO 12 ans Non millésime 50cl
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