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Black Pig Distillery

Black Pig Montado Gin

Alentejo - Portugal - Gin

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The taste and affection of its creator, Miguel Ângelo Nunes for the Alentejo and its cork oak ecosystem.
Cork, animals, plants, beaches and fields are the origins of the Black Pig brand.
In 2007 the company began planting the first arbutus trees on the Alentejo coast, to produce arbutus brandy, in 2018 the Black Pig distillery was built, located in Santo André.


  • Double Médaille d'Or

    CWSA Company Award 2024

  • Double Médaille d'Or

    CWSA China Spirits Awards 2022

  • 90/100 Médaille Argent

    International Wine & Spirit Competition 2020


Gin do Montado Alentejano interprets the rural identity of the Alentejo and of an incomparable ecosystem, the Montado. Inland, between the cork oaks and holm oaks, in harmony with nature and Alentejo traditions, a dry gin is produced, where the essences of the land predominate.

In the fields lives the "master of the montado", the pata negra, a source of inspiration that contributes decisively to the preservation of the Mediterranean ecosystem.

Produced exclusively with biological botanicals, from Cork, to Acorns and Carob, harvested and distilled, they are later reintegrated into the ecosystem, thus respecting the balance of nature.

This perfect symbiosis between Nature, the alchemy of aromas and the production process creates an ecological cycle, from harvest to bottle.

Enjoying this gin, a unique experience, is to remember and live the Alentejo, Heritage of Time.

This Gin won the great gold medal, at the international Virtus awards 2019 and 2020, being considered the best Gin in the competition, the gold medal at the Stuttgart International Spirits Competition 2019, gold medal at the China Wine & Spirits Awards 2019, silver medal in the Super premium Gin category at the Luxury Masters 2019, gold medal at the Women's Wine and Spirits Awards 2020, Silver medal at the World Gin Awards 2020, Great Gold medal at the International Virtus awards 2020.

Botanicals: Ecological hand-picked from the Alentejo cork oak forest.

Degree: 42%°
Black Pig Distillery Black Pig Montado Gin Non millésime 50cl Black Pig Distillery Black Pig Montado Gin Non millésime 50cl
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