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Quinta da Boeira

Huile d'olive Extra Vierge


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The history of Quinta da Boeira dates back to 1850, when its imposing mansion house and wine warehouse was built in the centre of Vila Nova de Gaia.the brand was renowned for its quality and sold in different markets around the world.Quinta da Boeira has been taken over by a new partnership with a vision of promoting cultural and natural heritage - history and traditions are preserved, heritage is reinvented.


This exceptional olive oil is the fruit of the expertise of Quinta da Boeira. The olives, grown in their own olive groves in the Douro region, are carefully selected from the Picual and Cobrançosa varieties. Like their famous Port wine, Quinta da Boeira is distinguished by its commitment to quality, both in the production of its olive oil and in the refined presentation of its products. A porcelain bottle has been specially designed to protect the oil from outside influences, recalling the traditions of the past. Decorated with a scene of Portuguese tiles dating from the early 19th century, the bottle becomes a decorative work of art once the oil has been consumed. With a maximum acidity of just 0.3%, well below the 0.8% permitted for extra virgin olive oil, this oil stands out for its exceptional sweetness, fruity character and aromatic bouquet. A pure delight for connoisseurs of authentic flavours.

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Quinta da Boeira Huile d'olive Extra Vierge Non millésime 50cl
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